How to Become Our Agents

We are the young division of BDiR Tensile Structure. We have been in manufacturing and supplying Geodesic Dome Tents and Luxury Tent Hotels for more than 10 years. Over the years, we have acquired a loyal customer base and shown steady growth constantly by sticking to provide genuine and professional service, high-quality products, and continuous improvement.

As a result, we have gradually developed a great reputation in the field of geodesic dome kit manufacturing and export. 


How to Become Our Agents | Geodesic Dome Tents Supplier

Now we want to dream bigger and recruit like-minded agents globally if you are:

•   Consultants & Engineer

•   Contractors

•   Distribution Network Operators

•   Distributors

•   Tent Rentals

•   …

What we can do for you?

√.  Always high-quality products

√.  Professional technical guidance

√.  Meticulous consulting service

√.  A handsome profits


How to Become Our Agents | Dome Tents Manufacturer



Contact us NOW if you are interested:

Fill in the following form and email it to us at

♦ . Name and type of your business

♦ . Description of the partnership offer

♦ . Countries or regions of interest

♦ . Preferred Products


Visit the link and download the PDF file to learn more about the details of our sales agency agreement.