The Materials of Glamping Dome

The glamping domes adopts a spherical reticulated shell structure. It was once hailed as “the strongest space, the lightest weight, and the most effective design.” The unique structure of the dome shelter brings it with excellent safety. The conventionally configured spherical tent can already withstand the strong winds of 80-100km / h. Even in the outdoor heavy snow, wind and rain and other severe weather, it can still be used normally, even on the grass and beach The construction of such soft ground is also quite stable.


Geodesic shelter are widely used in large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor activities, greenhouse and outdoor camp huts. Its unique and beautiful shape and changeable tarpaulin design style make this product the first choice for high-end users who advocate high quality and show brand charm.

The Materials of Dome Grehouse

Major Dome Tent Material Details:

1. Fabric
2. Frame
  • One heavy-duty white canvas with ties attached for dome ( 850g double-coated black-out PVC fabric, 100% waterproof, UV resistant, fire/flame retardant), Color can be optional.
  • One large bay clear window is installed attached to canvas and free from leaks.
  • Strong, reinforced, galvanized steel dome framework. Withstands the most violent weather conditions.
  • Mainframe structure: φ32*2.0mm galvanized steel pipes with white polish, all necessary bolts and nuts.
The Materials of Glamping Dome The Materials of Domes


Dome Tent Accessories (Optional, The accessories you can choose by yourself):

1. Insulation
2. Entrances& Doors
3. Windows
4. Solar exhaust fan
8mm thickness, 12mm thickness. 9mm,  glass door or wood door optional. Top pentagonal star window, Round breathable window, small round transparent star window. A solar-powered fan aids natural ventilation and proper air circulation.
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5. Curtain
6. Power Skylight
7. Wood Floor
8. Stove
Color can be optional. This roof-placed skylight window allows for stargazing straight from a cosy bed. Color can be optional. A solar-powered fan aids natural ventilation and proper air circulation.
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