Geodesic Dome Tents

FAQs about Geodesic Dome Tents

Please find answers to several Frequently Asked Questions about Geodesic Dome Tents as below.
If you still have any question, feel free to reach out to us. We will do our best to give you a satisfactory answer. Thank you.
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1 How to choose a dome tent?
Size from 5m - 50m.
2 How does the frame attach to the flooring?
Geodesic dome packages come with heavy duty anchors that connect the dome frame to the deck or floor of your choosing.
3 Can you print our logos on the tent?
Yes. Customized logos can be printed on the canvas according to your requirements. Please kindly to provide me the size of your logo first.
4 Are your a factory? Is that a factory price?
Yes. We assure you all prices are factory price.
5 Is your tent strong and stable enough ? How about the wind loading?
Yes, It is can resist wind up to 100 km/hr, if the wind or snow is very very heavy, please tell us and we will strengthen the tent to keep you safe!
6 How long is the warranty period?
Guarantee one year. During the warranty period, we shall repair or replace the damaged part accordingly because of any damage due to quality problem. Not including man-made damage or accident damage please.
7 Can your company send supervision for the installation of the tent?
Yes, we can. Our engineer will supervise the installation. Please notice our customers should pay for it fares and hotel expenses restaurant bills. Besides, each engineer should be paied USD 150 each day.
8 Is it possible to connect two or more domes together?
Of Course! We are able to combine two or more domes together through tunnels of any length. Create your own domes !
9 How do your domes perform in cold climate?
Our glamping domes do very well in winter. For the best cold-climate experience we recommend the combination of insulation (8mm-12m) and complete wood-burning stove (chimney kit).
10 In which cases is the heavy duty framework necessary?
As mentioned previously, heavy duty framework is necessary for places where you expect large quantities of freezing snow, that may stick to the membrane. Additionally, heavy duty framework is recommended if your site is prone to sustained wind speeds above 100 km/h.
11 Is it possible to create separate rooms in the dome?
There are many ways to use the space that a dome offers. Sizes 24’ and larger allow space for a loft to be built. Traditional walls can be built within your dome if you desire. All lofts, walls or partitions should be built free standing and self-supporting. Some people have used screens to separate the space.
12 Are glamping domes suitable for the hot climate?
Definitely! Default, white membrane colour aids reflectance of sun-rays, while the insulation liner additionally prevents the heat from penetrating the interior. Insulation combined with the optional solar fan (heat extractor) is an effective way to keep your dome cool even in hot climate. If your dome is exposed to the direct sunlight throughout the day you may consider adding a stand-alone air-conditioning unit. Even a small device in combination with the insulation provides thermal comfort in a hot climate.
13 How do Geodesic Domes behave in extreme weather conditions?
Size from 5m - 50m.
14 How does the solar fan work?
The solar fan is a completely off-grid hot air extractor powered by solar a solar cell. Its speed varies depending on the amount of sunlight it is exposed to. Meaning that during the cold days with overcast it is either disabled or runs at a very low speed, while during the hot days with scorching sunlight it runs at a full speed, effectively preventing any heat buildup.
15 What is the durability of steel framework?
All steel elements of our self-assembly geodesic dome kits are hot-dip galvanised (both sided). They are completely protected from corrosion and will not rust even if exposed to humidity / water for long periods of time. For better visual finish, we offer optional colorful powder coating.