Why build a Glamping dome?

The new and luxurious way of camping!

The comfort of a hotel combined with the natural environment and the freedom of a campsite.

Geodesic dome tents are particularly attractive to the public for its unique design concept, novel structure, graceful elegance, safety and environmental protection and other unique charms. It can create perfect solutions for various events, and is widely used in large exhibitions, celebrations, and outdoor activities. Its unique and beautiful shape and changeable tarpaulin design style make this product a choice for high-end users who advocate high quality and show brand charm.
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As a relatively young division of BDiR Tensile Structure, Geodesic Dome Tents offers all sizes of geodome tents for any event or glamping.
Including large exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor events, living homes, Greenhouse and outdoor camp lodges.
About Us

Glass Dome

The glass geodesic dome tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which has greatly improved wind resistance, snow load capacity and service life, and can adapt to various outdoor harsh environments.
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Event Dome

The event domes are a crowd favorite at every music festival, performance, trade show, and convention. Let us produce a geodesic event dome that will be superior to a standard event tent. Showcase your image, brand, trademark, or logo to the world on the walls of your custom-printed cover, or customize a projection dome to create a stunning immersive environment.
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Eco Resort Dome

Geodesic Dwell Dome can hold snow, wind and rain with the best designs in architecture. Environmentally conscious home owners, eco-resorts and glamping retreats incorporate our Dome Houses because they are the strongest structure known to man.
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Desert Dome

Desert Dome provides luxurious, yet peaceful accommodation amongst breathtaking desert environments. The modern dome structures can be insulated against heat and cool to create a safe environment for families, tourists, and conscientious travelers.
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  • Great job...thank you for your offer . We found this dome much to be worth the price, as now we can get our kids out of the house to play in this cute dome instead of watching iPads all day.
    Sander John
    SJD House, USA
  • Good partner.  They have great service, quality products and we trust them.  We also benefit greatly as their agent. Hope to bring on a beautiful future.
    Larry deFuria
    Modern Structure, Australia
  • It is a company we can count on. They are responsive, they bring new ideas and they care about the success of our organization. I’d recommend them to our cooperative partner.
    Michael Merritt
    MOTY Design Company, Spain
  • Oh my good is great I saw this in my friends house and I love it.  It's a great place to have a glass of wine with your partner under the stars!  It is a good choice for people who like glamping or camping.
    Jennifer Brown
  • This dome tent house is amazing, works perfect for all our events: camping, party, picnic, dining, you can mix and match the interior je any way you like.....  It is very quick and easy to set up.  Thank you.
    Mr. Robert